A quick note to our customers:

It is with great regret we announce Quickshot has ceased operations and has gone out of business. Numerous factors, most beyond our control, have contributed to this situation. While we regret we will no longer be able to supply you with Quickshot products, we thank you for your previous purchases and support of our company and products.

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"The Quickest, Most Effective Way To Clean Your Shotgun."

Quick Shot solvent is designed to swell plastic and loosen powder residue for easy removal for shotgun cleaning and more.
Shotgun Choke Cleaner
Shotgun Bore

If you shoot a shotgun, Quick Shot is for you. The bore kit cleans and protects with one simple rodless step. Self contained kits for 12 gauge and 20 gauge are handy for the range and for the field.

If you are looking to clean your shotgun, or for shotgun cleaners, then you need QuicK Shot! Our product is a proven solution for shotgun owners worldwide that value a clean shotgun.

Let Quick Shot 'Get The Plastic' & Provide Corrosion Protection.

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